Kami menawarkan berbagai peluang industri dan otomotif penting serta komponen terkait, seperti pemrosesan plastik. Pratinjau sampel: peralatan, peralatan pengisian dan pengemasan, peralatan inspeksi, gulungan pencuci, penggantian cepat robot, suku cadang mesin, dan memberikan layanan optimal untuk memenuhi kebutuhan pelanggan.

Mesin sangat penting saat ini untuk membuat sistem yang komprehensif untuk pemantauan waktu nyata dengan memanfaatkan data yang terakumulasi menggunakan komputer dan AI.

Showa Seiki is a specialist of Press Machine parts such as Mechanical parts like Air Clamper, Pressure Switch, Hydraulic Die Clamper, Die Lifter, etc. Also, Electrical parts like PDM production analyzer and Press Machine Program Control Equipment. Showa Seiki is already experienced to supply to some Press machines for H & F, Aida, Komatsu, Amada Press, Chin Fong, Jinan, etc. For further information please contact us Showa Seiki agent in Indonesia.

KÜNDIG CONTROL SYSTEMS is a major division of the family owned company Hch. Kündig & Cie. AG, which was established in 1868. KÜNDIG CONTROL SYSTEMS has been successfully developing and manufacturing measuring instruments and control units for blown film extrusion since 1972. A customer-first policy, paired with modern day manufacturing precision, has transformed the company into a world contender. Kundig can provide layflat control, online thickness gauge, offline thickness gauge and operating software.

STARLITE combines the three businesses "Tribology", "Mobility Solutions", and "Safety Life Support" and creates "One Team". By overlapping the three businesses in line with the needs of the market, we are creating a stream of unprecedented technological innovations and creative ideas from new partnerships. PT CBC Prima handles Tribology business especially for Facing Clutch & Brake in Indonesian Market.

TOHO YOGYO is a comprehensive manufacturer of non woven rolls which are applied and adopted as rolls of wringer, coating, cleaning, driving, guiding, sealing, finishing, heat-resistant applications and others for various production and manufacturing lines in steel, aluminum, copper and automotive industries. TOHO YOGYO supports a wide range from selection of non woven fabrics to designing and manufacturing rolls.

PT CBC PRIMA is agent of Kubota Liquid Filling Machine and Digital Scale in Indonesia market. Kubota provides high quality solution that contributes to the enhancement of productivity for paint, cleanser, cosmetics, ink, adhesive and organic solvents manufacture.

BST specializes in advanced quality assurance systems for the web processing industry. Product includes web guiding systems for precise web positioning, surface inspection systems for defect detection, video web monitoring for real-time process observation, and color management solutions for maintaining color consistency. The technologies enhance production quality and efficiency in industries such as printing, packaging, nonwovens, and battery manufacturing.

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