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Bringing new value to every corner of the world CBC, “the creative trading company”

CBC was founded in Tokyo in 1925 is both a trading company and a manufacturer of raw materials and finished goods. These two reasoning functions generate new potential that transcends the framework of trading company. Since then, throughout more than 90 years of growth, we have followed a path of creativity and challenge. It allows us to provide totally integrated and focused solutions to help customers meet their goals. We are passionate about our mission to create and launch high-value businesses thus continuously working to develop sustainable societies and a more affluent, healthier lifestyle in communities worldwide.

Our Business

We provide high-quality products and services that meet the diverse needs of our customers by combining our overseas development and sales capabilities through our global network with our product, technical, and planning and development capabilities.

With over 40 CBC bases around the world, PT CBC Prima is trading companies in Indonesia with channeling from suppliers all across the world and customers from Indonesia and ASEAN.

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